Striving for a world where creative imaginations come to life

Fun Across the World is Korea’s leading event company. Creating family bonding time through camping, helping prevent child abuse with Ipads, planning global community convention, we work to bring together the world by creating a culture of fun and innovation. With our experience extending over 10 years and advanced technology, we answer or client’s requests with dedicated planning and whimsical directing.
With Fun Across the World, we can build together a new culture.

Fun Across the World is a global event & promotion company

Along with hosting domestic events & promotions, we also work with many international clients, with clients ranging from United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, all the way to even Egypt.

We are a promotion venture enterprise with advanced technology and over 10 years of polished experience and know-how

With many years of experience under our belt, we provide services in both software (planning, directing, designing, etc.) and hardware (stage, sounds and lights, etc.).

We are a group dreaming to create a culture of innovation

Thinking outside the box and challenging new ways to creativity, we strive toward a world where imaginations come to life.

Our Culture Today

From the 2013’s hit drama “My Love From Another Star” to popular television entertainment shows like “Running Man”, Korean culture has been widely prevalent these days, spreading from Asia all the way across the globe to Europe and the U.S.
In a nation with little to no natural resource, the only resource is its people, and such is the author to culture and its contents. Korean culture can prevail and compete globally.
Spread across Korea are many cultural heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Just like how such physical cultural contents bring together many people, we can bring the world together through the power of our creative cultural contents.
Let’s show the world how powerful our culture can be!

Tylor Kim
Chief Executive Officer